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About us

About us

E/Capital is investing in  large scale mining facilities, and aims to be producing its own mining hardware, in order to distribute this to miners all around the world.

E/Capital will cooperate with Danish engineering companies to develop everything from scratch. The revolutionary new microchip will allow for high-speed processing, and the intelligent cooling systems that will be utilized will allow for lower costs in relation to electricity bills.

The type of hardware that is available from E/Capital will be easily adaptable, and well suited for small, average, and large mining facilities.

We will distribute this to a range of specially selected companies from around the world.

E/Capital strives to create what has long been missing in the world of cryptocurrency, and that is: An easy and clever way to participate in the cryptocurrency mining business, that offers both individuals and companies a place in a business that is set to increase massively in terms of demand.

We are located in Denmark and have Cooperated partners in US, Russian & Ukraine - We love the blockchain technology.

Our Team

Martin Mathiassen

CEO & Founder

René Fürster Simonsen

CSO & Founder

Rene Meldgaard

CIO & Founder

Sebastian Bucur

Business Analyst

Nick Gritsenko


Ann Ilyina


Nikita Skornyakov

Lead Tech

Yura Oleksyshyn

Blockchain Analyst

Taras Tsarenko


Kim Herløv

Engineering Advisor

Khrystyna Miliak


Rodger Fisher


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